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About the Women's Radio Fund

Mission -- Our mission is to build a support network for women radio producers and broadcasters worldwide.

Specific Aims:

  • To develop and distribute funding for women's radio broadcasting, production, and distribution projects
  • To promote and showcase the work of women in radio worldwide, using web pages and netcasting.
  • To forge links between radio women and their allies: funders, a worldwide audience, technical support people, strategic partners, and the global women's movement.
  • To help women worldwide develop their own low-power micropower broadcasting stations. And in doing so to provide technical assistance, production equipment, and training.
Founder -- The Women's Radio Fund was founded in 2000 by Dorothy Abbott who is a multimedia producer and cultural activist, specializing in radio and print media with an emphasis on social justice and women's culture. Dorothy is the former assistant director of the literature program for the National Endowment for the Arts and the editor of seven anthologies. She has been an activist since she was seventeen years old when she first spoke out against the death penalty and injustices in the prison system.

Advisory Board -- The Women's Radio Fund is in the process of creating an Advisory Board. Please let us know if you would like to be included and in what areas you could be of assistance.