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Our mission is to build a support network for women radio producers and broadcasters worldwide.

Specific Aims:

  • To develop and distribute funding for women's radio broadcasting, production, and distribution projects
  • To promote and showcase the work of women in radio worldwide, using web pages and netcasting.
  • To forge links between radio women and their allies: funders, a worldwide audience, technical support people, strategic partners, and the global women's movement.
  • To help women worldwide develop their own low-power micropower broadcasting stations. And in doing so to provide technical assistance, production equipment, and training.

The Women's Radio Fund is a member of Women's International Network of AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) and the International Association of Women in Radio and Television.

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) Africa promotes the right to communicate. They develop community radio through a number of services to members and by promoting access to and ownership of communication tools for community empowerment and social change. Click here for more information.

The Global Fun for Women seeds, stengthens and links women's rights organizations worldwide working to gain freedom from poverty, violence and discrimination. Since its inception in 1987, the Global Fund has provided significant support to groups engaged in radio and media work. Click here for more information.

International Women's Day

March 8
March 8, the Women’s International Day, is celebrated throughout the world. This special day provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress made to advance women's equality and emancipation, to assess the challenges facing women in contemporary societies, to consider future steps to enhance the status of women and, of course, to celebrate the gains made in these areas.

Broadcast Campaigns for Women's Day

AMARC-WIN will celebrate International Women's Day with 16-hours of broadcasting over the internet. Through documentaries, interviews, debates, poetry and music, community radio producers from Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America and the Caribbean will discuss the various challenges women face around the world.

Individual files will be available for download at http://www.win.amarc.org

Feminist International Radio Endeavour

FIRE will broadcast live on the International Women's Day from 9 am Costa Rican time (1500 UTC) till 5 pm as follows:
Spanish from 9:00am till 3:00pm
English from 3:00pm till 5:00pm

At 5pm a reprise (re-broadcasting) will be run.

Join theim in live transmission at www.fire.or.cr or www.radiofeminista.net


From Women's eNews - The Birth of Women's History Month

For more information contact:
Dorothy Abbott, Founder of Women's Radio Fund
P.O. Box 242048, Memphis, TN 38124
Phone/fax: (901) 685-6950

Frieda Werden, WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service,
Box 95090, Kingsgate
Vancouver BC V5T 4T8 Canada
Phone: (604)876-6994 or email

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